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Thank you for your interest in The Moving Force Journal. Our mission is to find and publish the new classics, the truly exceptional, the ones that are worthy of our predecessors, the ones that will stand the test of time, the ones that we’re proud to know will represent the literature of our era.

Our only selection criterion is excellence—nothing else. As Ayn Rand stated in The Fountainhead, “the moving force” of creativity and invention is an individual’s ability to take what one has inherited from the past, learn from it, then ultimately craft something original. As part of an ever-evolving literary landscape, we have inherited the great thoughts and works of individuals before us. Now, it is our time to create the literature that will be passed down to future generations.

Issue 1 is now live! 


Our inaugural issue is now online. Beautifully illustrated with photos and paintings from half a dozen artists, it contains over 100 pages of content and features outstanding short stories and poetry that we feel will stand the test of time. This issue includes new classics from 17 writers and poets who explore the transformations that shape our lives, from the changes of the seasons, to the ever-shifting dynamics within our personal relationships, to the evolution we experience within ourselves. Read the full issue now.


Submissions for our second issue are now being accepted. If you feel your work would be a good fit for The Moving Force Journal, please review our Submission Guidelines.