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Issue 3


Welcome to the Fall/Winter 2020 issue of The Moving Force Journal.

2020 has been a universally challenging year. World events—the pandemic, politics and civil unrest along with their corresponding consequences—have dominated the news, and we’re certainly not blind to that here at The Moving Force Journal. While we received many submissions focused on themes directly relating to these events and appreciated reading different perspectives on how this year has affected so many, we ended up being most drawn to those that didn’t focus on the “new normal” that has been thrust upon us. In fact, we found ourselves increasingly hungry for something entirely different. After all, life is still being lived beyond the headlines: we still struggle with family dynamics, we still question our place in the world, we still deal with grief and death that are unrelated to the headlines and try to find some solace in the beauty of the natural world. We do all these things, and more, despite world events. As individuals, we must all walk our own paths. That is something not even 2020 can change. Maybe it’s our own form of resistance to this harrowing year or maybe it’s a reflection of our sheer exhaustion from the deluge of life-changing headlines, but the issue we have created and that is presented to you here is full of literature and art that isn’t just about 2020 as much as it is about life in general, which is hard enough without the aggravating factors unique to this year. Or maybe we just wanted a break from this long year and thought you might enjoy one, too. 



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