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Issue Two


Welcome to the spring issue of The Moving Force Journal.

It’s common, even expected, to write about spring as a time of birth or re-birth. Yet spring is just the start of a cycle, and not everyone is renewed by the joyous breakthroughs of the season, with its various beginnings that themselves are destined, some day, for their various endings. In fact, it’s often that crispness of a spring day, that vivid clarity of spring as it sheds winter’s sluggishness, that brings the irretrievable past into greater focus, making prior losses all the sharper.

Like a blooming cactus, spring can be both beautiful and potentially painful. Issue 2 focuses on the end of the cycle, on the losses—of life, of loved ones, but also the seasons, youth, even ourselves while we’re still living. However, in these works we are also reminded that it is “the journey” that matters, that it is essential to make life count, and that the light that does touch our lives is sometimes best recognized from the darkness. 

Expanding on our mission of publishing timeless work, this issue includes over 100 pages of short stories, poetry, and visual art, as well as compelling work from a category that is new to The Moving Force Journal: non-fiction. Let our 22 contributors to this issue take you on a “journey” from the wilds of Africa, to the dark recesses of memory, to Jupiter as they explore the theme of loss.



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